Comay participates in the 19th National Rubber Industry New Materials Technology Forum

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On November 1, a technical forum hosted by the Rubber Additives Professional Committee of the China Rubber Industry Association was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong, with the theme of the "19th National Rubber Industry New Materials Technology Forum and 2019 Rubber Additives Professional Committee Member Conference". The theme of the conference was “Green Additives • Structural Adjustment • Stable Benefits”. Many experts and entrepreneurs conducted in-depth analysis on “development of green environmental protection additives, strengthening of chemical process, safety and environmental protection, automation, continuity” and so on. Explore and communicate. Comay shares as a co-organizer and gave a detailed introduction to microchannel technology.


In recent years, microchannel reactors have developed rapidly due to their unique advantages such as high-speed mixing, efficient heat transfer, small liquid holding capacity, and fast system response, and have become research hotspots in scientific research institutions and enterprises. The association also vigorously promoted the application and promotion of this technology in the auxiliary industry. At the conference, Meng Qingsen, the company's vice president of technology, reported on "Microchannel continuous flow technology to help the rubber additive industry upgrade", and shared the company's research work on microchannel continuous flow technology in recent years.

In 2016, in order to cope with the increasingly severe safety and environmental protection situation and the increasingly fierce international competition environment, the company determined the research and development goals for the current status of the traditional additive kettle-type intermittent, large safety risks, and achieved large tonnage with the help of microchannel reactor technology The industrial upgrading of sulfenamide accelerators enhances the core competitiveness of products. Based on the small-scale inspection of process conditions and equipment flux, pilot scale-up and stable operation were conducted in 2018. The results show that compared with the traditional kettle batch process, the process has a lower liquid holding capacity, a significantly shorter reaction time, and a significant reduction in three waste emissions. It has truly achieved efficient production, intrinsic safety, and is in line with the national concept of green manufacturing and high-quality sustainable development. It plays a key role in achieving healthy self-development of the enterprise and promoting the green and healthy development of the auxiliary industry.

With the increasing environmental protection situation and safety awareness at home and abroad, the realization of green development of rubber additive production technology, the in-depth development of cleaner production and the circular economy of resources, and the fulfillment of social responsibility are the directions that Kemai people have been working hard. Technology-oriented development philosophy, adhere to innovation-driven, environmental protection, safety, energy saving as the center to develop green chemicals, breakthrough key technologies, continue to achieve green, micro-chemical, intelligent, to help the rubber industry strategy to strengthen the country!