Comet attends the 20th National Rubber Industry Information Conference

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From October 22nd to 24th, the "Innovation and Development Forum of Rubber Industry and the 20th National Rubber Industry Information Conference" hosted by China Rubber Industry Association was grandly held in Yantai, Shandong. The theme of this session is "Innovation and Development in New Situations". Through technological innovation, master core technologies, firmly grasp high-quality development, and actively respond to new situations become the main theme of the conference.

Since the first National Rubber Industry Information Conference in October 2001, 20 sessions have been held. Against the background of the global economic downturn, intensified trade frictions between China and the United States, and the tightening of environmental protection, this session attracted government, associations, rubber tires and non-tire rubber products and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, as well as rubber recycling and other related issues. More than 200 business representatives participated. The chairman of Kemai Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and gave a keynote speech on how to lead the development of the enterprise through technological innovation.


Experts and scholars started discussions on the dimensions of economic situation prediction, industry development trends, and technological innovation trends. The Chairman of China Rubber Industry Association Deng Yali made a keynote speech on "Analysis of Economic Operation and Development Trend of China's Rubber Industry". President Deng briefly reviewed the 70-year development process of the rubber industry, and focused on analyzing the process of China's rubber industry changing from quantitative to qualitative changes in the 20 years into the new century. He hoped that the rubber industry would adhere to innovation as the core, focus on strengthening scientific and technological research and development capabilities, and enhance mid-to-high Supply ability, value creation ability, core technology control ability, intelligent manufacturing and green development ability, promote a new level of development quality, strive for initiative for future development, and achieve high-quality development.


Chairman Wang Shuhua first analyzed the importance of technological innovation from the enlightenment of the Sino-US trade war and changes in the industry's competitive environment. Looking back on the company's development history, technological innovation played an important role in key periods such as the start-up period, growth period, bottleneck period, and transition period. The company has formulated the "science and technology-based" development concept from the early days of entrepreneurship. Relying on the innovation model of combining independent innovation with industry-university-research, it has achieved many achievements in technology upgrades, new product development, and cleaner production.


Comay first adopted an autoclave with agitation to solve the problems of sealing the equipment under high temperature and pressure conditions and the anti-corrosion of bearings under the conditions of strong corrosion of hydrogen sulfide, creating a precedent for the large-scale production of additives; MVR wastewater recycling technology solved the restriction of the industry The bottleneck of development; the microchannel synthesis technology of 10,000-ton level sulfenamide accelerators provides new ideas for industry transformation and upgrading; low-zinc environmental protection ultra-zinc products start from social responsibility and reduce zinc environmental pollution. In the future, the company will always focus on the mission of making rubber more useful, and lay out new products, new technologies and new fields. In the future, Hebei Kemai will be an important strategic ground for advanced technology and green products, and make it a demonstration base for new rubber materials with advanced technology, advanced management and complete categories, and continue to promote the industry to achieve green manufacturing with innovative technologies and help the rubber industry. High-quality development!