In order to ensure that the company's strategic goals are achieved, the company's research and development is guided by customers and the market, and based on the research and development concept of "production generation, reserve generation, and research and development generation", the following development strategies are formulated:
I. Development of new high value-added additives

Develop new auxiliaries, improve product structure, and meet different customer needs In the spirit of being responsible for customers, the R & D department actively carries out new product reserves. At present, it has successfully introduced the development of resorcinol-formaldehyde-modified resin adhesive series products. In the future, it will gradually develop tackifying resins, reinforcing resins, and pre-dispersion additives. And other products to meet customer needs.

2. Optimize the production process of existing production varieties, develop new technologies of energy saving and environmental protection, and solve the environmental survival problems of existing varieties.

Relying on the strength of the Tianjin University-Kemai Chemical Joint Innovation Platform, we will simultaneously carry out key tasks from the perspectives of reaction mechanism exploration, new process equipment development, and industrialization demonstration to comprehensively upgrade the existing production line and achieve the goal of zero emissions.

Third, further improve its own industrial chain and increase the development of new raw materials and new processes.

Follow the industrial policies supported by the state, pay attention to the development of new materials and new fields, and make them the driving force for the further development of enterprises. In addition, pay attention to the vertical extension of the company's product industrial chain, starting from the upstream raw material and downstream products, to improve the company's product industrial chain and improve the company's overall operating efficiency.