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Top 100 Chinese Rubber Industry Enterprises
Comai ranks among the top 100 in China's rubber industry and has always been committed to injecting innovative technology into the rubber industry to make rubber more useful and to cross the global rubber industry.
CNAS recognized
The chemical and physical testing laboratory of Comay is accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (CNAS), and the test results are mutually recognized by 92 countries and relevant international organizations. The quality of Comay represents the industry's advanced level.
National High-Tech Enterprise
Rubber auxiliaries are a key national support area. Kemai independently innovates, transforms science and technology into productivity, creates a high-tech industrialization demonstration base, and leads the industry's technological development.
Expert Unit of International Standardization Working Group
Kemai is an expert unit of the ISO / TC045 / SC03 / WG03 rubber and rubber products industry standardization working group of carbon black, silica and rubber additives; it is a member unit of the Chemical Auxiliary Subcommittee of the National Rubber Standardization Committee and is responsible for drafting the country And 5 industry standards, participated in the drafting of 5 items, leading the standardization of most rubber additives in the industry.
天津、内蒙、江苏、河北(筹)四个生产基地,美国、巴西、德国销售子公司, Comet has four production bases in Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, and Hebei (chips), sales subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, and Germany.
Production, learning, research, and marketing integrated strategic platform.
Safe Production
Human care
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